Posted by: Michael | July 18, 2009


Hi! My name is Michael and I’m an English teacher living and teaching in Malaysia. I was born in New Zealand and grew up there, so I’m a native speaker of English and I’d like to help other people to speak it properly, too.

I started this blog to draw attention to many of the common errors that Malaysians (and possibly others) make when speaking English. I hope I can be of some help to you!



  1. thanks for your really help me.

  2. Your blog is great! i like your explanation on the errors especially tracing it to Mandarin/Malay L1 speakers. Kudos!

  3. thanks for putting this up 🙂 i’m from malaysia, currently studying in nz to be an english teacher in malaysia, and admittedly i make some of the mistakes you’ve mentioned without realising it. the explanations of the grammar rules are very easy to follow as well. far easier than a linguistics textbook!

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