Posted by: Michael | November 20, 2009

The truth about bungalows

The term ‘bungalow’ is very often misused by Malaysians, even those who speak good English. The same is true for Singaporeans.

So what is a bungalow? The definition from Wiktionary is as follows:

bungalow (plural bungalows) A small house or cottage usually having a single story.

A bungalow is a relatively small house, which is either one storey, or has a second storey built into an attic area (space above the ceiling), containing a dormer window (effectively one and a half storeys). However, a bungalow does not have two stories, and a two-storeyed house cannot be called a ‘bungalow’

Here is a picture of a bungalow:

A bungalow in California, USA

The correct term for what Malaysians erroneously call a “bungalow” would be a “two-storeyed house” or a “detached house” (one that is not connected to the house(s) beside it).



  1. Just curious, but what would be the correct term for a “two-storeyed house” and a “detached house?

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