Hi, my name is Mike. I’m originally from New Zealand, but now I’m working as an English teacher in Malaysia.

Since I’m a native English speaker, I know what is proper English and what isn’t. Therefore I can advise people on how to speak proper English and stop speaking “broken English”.



  1. hello, I’m a poor English speaker, I can’t pronounce a lot of word properly, what should I do on my pronunciation?

    • Hi Yeap, the best way to improve your English pronunciation is to listen to native English speakers and copy them. Repeat the words after the native speakers, paying attention to the way they pronounce them. You can get a lot of English language videos at http://www.youtube.com. It might help to watch the video through once, then watch it again, this time pause it after each sentence and repeat it. Listening to native speakers is the best way to master pronunciation. Also, try to speak English as much as you can, especially to native speakers.

      I hope I’ve been of some help.



  2. hello sir, i cannot be talk each other sometime got problem. Then also got wrriting problem,. i dono what i want do. i need to success my english.
    because i sad about my future. When i talk other and doing at work place.

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